Marketeers is a crowdsourced marketing skills assessment platform, where marketers can get help from their peers and build tests to help them recruit the most competent marketing professionals. Users can: submit questions to the library (2-5 answers per question; can upload attachment), browse questions in the library and bulk add them to tests, rate questions, generate tests and allow candidates to submit their answers, see results, etc. Built in 4 days with: Ruby, Sinatra, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Login using the following credentials for a quick demo:

Github repository:

Original repository: This version has been built based on the original, but using Bootstrap.

Getting Started on localhost

  1. bundle install
  2. shotgun -p 3000 -o
  3. bundle exec rake db:create
  4. bundle exec rake db:migrate
  5. bundle exec rake db:populate
  6. Visit http://localhost:3000/ in your browser.